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SRAC# 478

Aeromonas Bacterial Infections - Motile Aeromonad Septicemia 

A.C. Camus, R.M. Durborow, W.G. Hemstreet, R.L. Thune and J.P. Hawke

Opening Paragraph:

Bacterial infections, caused by motile members of the genus Aeromonas, are among the most common and troublesome diseases of fish raised in ponds and recirculating systems. The widespread distribution of these bacteria in the aquatic environment and the stress induced by intensive culture practices predisposes fish to infections. Motile aeromonad infections have been recognized for many years and have been referred to by various names, including motile aeromonad septicemia (MAS), motile aeromonad infection (MAI), hemorrhagic septicemia, red pest, and red sore. In this publication, they are referred to simply as aeromonas infections. Aeromonas bacteria causing these infections are called aeromonads.
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