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Ceratomyxa shasta, a Myxosporean Parasite of Salmonids

J. L. Bartholomew, J. L., J. S. Rohovec and J. L. Fryer

Opening Paragraph:

Ceratomyxosis is a disease of salmonid fishes caused by the myxosporean Ceratomyxa shasta. The parasite has a tropism for the intestinal tissue of the fish and causes high mortalities in susceptible strains of salmonids. The disease was first observed in 1948 in fall spawning rainbow trout (Salmo gairdneri) from Crystal Lake Hatchery, Shasta County, California (Wales and Wolf 1955). The etiological agent was established as a new species by Noble (1950), who described C. shasta as the first species of Ceratomyxa to parasitize freshwater fish and the only member that is histozoic. Other species of Ceratomyxa that occur in marine fishes parasitize the lumen of the gall bladder and urinary bladder.
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