About BioFilter Systems

Based in Gainesville, Florida, BioFilter Systems’ mission is to make the world’s wastewater crisis a non-issue. By merging a unique combination of biology and technology that concentrates and enhances wastewater access to naturally occurring organisms, the BioFilter Systems QuikSand™ promises the most advanced, yet cost effective on-site treatment by virtue of a single, filter technology.

Beginning more than 10 years ago with experiments to clean nitrogenous waste from the tank water of aquatic animals, BioFilter Systems’ scientific founder, Mark Robertson, refined his technology into the QuikSand™ biofilter, a patented, yet simple device of unparalleled efficiency.

Now, the same technology that proved so effective in eliminating nitrogenous waste from 25 gallon animal tanks has been cleverly scaled-up to treat on-site pollution streams with no reduction in efficiency and no increase in complexity. A remarkable accomplishment. And a necessary response to the world’s water crisis.

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